Louisiana Senior Divisions

The Knights of Peter Claver has 4 Divisions for adults ages 18 and over.

Third Degree Knights
Third Degree Ladies
Fourth Degree Knights
Fourth Degree Ladies of Grace (LOG)
We have nearly one thousand active units including Councils (men), Courts (women), Junior Branches (young men), and Junior Courts (young ladies) operating in Archdioceses and Dioceses across the United States and as far away as San Andres Island in Colombia, South America - where Saint Peter Claver spent four decades caring for and ministering to hundreds of thousands of slaves arriving at the island's ports in the 1600's. 

Our Noble Order also focuses on developing young professionals and college students through our Emerging Leaders Program (ages 18 - 35) and Collegiate Units (available to University students, faculty, staff, and administrators).

With the spreading of Faith, Hope, and Love through Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity, our members are rewarded with a deeper spiritual relationship, a greater sense of purpose, and a stronger and more vibrant church parish and community.   


To learn about our 2 Junior Divisions (Ages 7 - 17) Click Here