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Welcome to the Knights of Peter Claver
Editor's Note: Both Fr. Daniel Green and Dr. Ansel Augustine are members of the Knights of Peter Claver. The Office of Black Catholic Ministries will transition in May from one dynamic leader to another when current director Dr. Ansel Augustine leaves to become resident campus minister for student leadership at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. His successor will be Father Daniel Green, parochial vicar at Blessed Trinity Parish. “One of the greatest joys is seeing my ‘little brother’ use his gifts and share his gifts and be recognized for the gifts we see in him,” Augustine said of Father Green. “I couldn’t think of a more perfect person for this job. We’ve worked together for years, since he was in elementary school. Read More
After 111 years of serving the community of Birmingham, Alabama, the city's only African American Catholic elementary school could close due to financial struggles. Over its long history, Our Lady of Fatima has become an integral part of the community, serving students from all backgrounds: of its 64 children, 11 percent are Catholic, and 89 percent are non-Catholic. “It's looked at as a community school,” the school's principal Al Logan told the Birmingham Times. Read More
“Sadly, as you have told me, people of different ethnic, economic, and social backgrounds suffer discrimination, indifference, injustice and violence today. We must reject this exclusion and isolation, and not think of any group as ‘others,’ but rather as our own brothers and sisters.” Pope Francis’ words come amid a rising toll of murders and violent crimes in Chicago over the past few years. On March 30, seven people were killed in gang-related violence which occurred in three separate instances. Among those killed was a pregnant woman. Over the past 15 months, some 900 murders have been reported in the city of Chicago, according to USA Today. Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel has condemned the violence, calling the most recent killings “evil.” Read More
Sunday, Pope Francis said that each of us carries some kind of tomb inside our heart, whether from sin or suffering, and we can either stay bogged down in misery, focusing only on ourselves, or we can allow Jesus to come into that place and heal it.   “In front of the big ‘why’ of life we have two paths,” the Pope said April 2, “to stay to watch gloomily the tombs of yesterday and of today, or to bring Jesus to our tombs.” Read More
Remember what Jesus' cross stands for, and don't misuse the Bible to justify the death penalty, the Philippines' Catholic bishops have said. “To the people who use the Bible to defend the death penalty, need we point out how many other crimes against humanity have been justified, using the same Bible?” the country’s bishops asked. “We humbly enjoin them to interpret the Scriptures properly, to read them as a progressive revelation of God’s will to humankind, with its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ, God’s definitive Word to the world.” Read More
She begged and scrounged for food in the forest; she drank water from a stream with dead bodies in it; she wrapped grass on her feet in order to walk long distances in the hot sun in order to survive, facing starvation and malnourishment, all before the age of six. Now, Mirreille Twayigira is a licensed medical doctor hoping not just to save lives, but to inspire young women worldwide – particularly those in her same situation – by showing them there's hope, and that life is more than the tragedies they face. While some might label her life “a tragic story” due to the suffering and loss she faced as a young child, Twayigira said others might choose to call it “a story of courage and perseverance.” However, “I choose to call it a story of hope, a story of God...from ashes to beauty, (like) a beautiful stained glass window.” Read More
The Vatican announced Friday that Pope Francis will make a six-day trip to Colombia in September with four cities on his itinerary, almost a year after the government and FARC rebels signed a major peace agreement. While the official schedule is expected to be released shortly, the Vatican confirmed that Francis will visit the cities of Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín and Cartagena. Read More
“The Christian Cross is not a furnishing for the house or an ornament to wear, but a call to the love with which Jesus sacrificed himself to save humanity from evil and from sin,” the Pope said March 12. As Lent moves forward, he encouraged Christians to “contemplate with devotion” the image of the Jesus crucified on the Cross, which is “the symbol of our Christian faith, it’s the emblem of Jesus, died and risen for us.” “Let us make sure that the Cross marks the stages of our Lenten journey in order to increasingly understand the severity of sin and the value of the sacrifice with which the Redeemer has saved us,” he said. Read More