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With a deep sigh, I studied Dominic’s body from miter to shoes. Laying my right hand on his hands that clutched a gleaming black rosary, and placing my left hand on his forehead, I stood there transfixed in meditation for some minutes. In bold relief, my mind drifted back to Saint Augustine Seminary in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, in September 1946 when I met a freshman outside the seminary chapel, where the breezeway now stands on the west side. “I’m Jerome LeDoux,” I offered. “I’m Dominic Carmon from Frilot Cove, Louisiana,” came the response. Read More
New Orleans Auxiliary Bishop and Knights of Peter Claver Past National Chaplain Most Rev. Dominic Carmon, a missionary priest of the Society of Divine Word who was cherished for his ability to bring spiritual healing to parishioners, died Nov. 11 at Chateau de Notre Dame in New Orleans. He was 87. Read More
s the kick-off event for Black Catholic History month and Notre Dame’s annual Stand Against Hate Week, a public panel reflected on the shared features of two contemporary social justice movements in a panel entitled “Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ a Pro-Life Issue?” Read More
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As wildfires continue to burn throughout the state of California, local Catholic Charities agencies are working with agencies in neighboring states to coordinate relief. The so-called Camp Fire in Northern California has claimed at least 42 lives in the town of Paradise and has destroyed more than 6,500 homes, making it the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history. The fire is only a quarter contained, according to The New York Times, and the local sheriff announced Sunday that nearly 230 people were still missing Read More
Life is for loving, not amassing possessions, Pope Francis said. In fact, the true meaning and purpose of wealth is to use it to lovingly serve others and promote human dignity, he said Nov. 7 during his weekly general audience. The world is rich enough in resources to provide for the basic needs of everybody, the pope said. "And yet, many people live in scandalous poverty and resources -- used without discernment -- keep deteriorating. But there is just one world! There is one humanity." Read More
Pope Francis spoke of the need for creative entrepreneurship in the face of “scandalous poverty” Wednesday, stressing the importance of generosity with one’s possessions. “If there is hunger on earth, it is not because food is missing!” Pope Francis said in St. Peter’s Square Nov. 7. “What is lacking is a free and far-sighted entrepreneurship, which ensures adequate production, and a solidarity approach, which ensures fair distribution,” he continued. Read More
Bro. Jordan Anderson is a recent initiate of the Collegiate Unit #403 at Xavier University of Louisiana. It was 3:30 AM when I heard a scream. I was half asleep and the room was dark, but I knew something was wrong. I ran down the steps of my attic room to discover my mom cowering over my dad, my sister and brother standing next to her. My dad was sitting on the stairs and staring straight forward. I looked at his eyes, but I could tell he did not see me. He was repeatedly grunting, gasping for air, and his arm was twitching. I felt, in that instant, as though I could have been his father and he could have been my son. Read More
Get answers to frequently asked questions covering Apologetics: Defending the Faith; Blessed Virgin Mary; Canon Law; Catholic Doctrine and Catechetics; Eastern Catholic Churches; History and the Catholic Tradition; Liturgy and Sacred Music; Moral Theology; Natural Family Planning; Philosophy; Pro-Life Issues; Scripture, Divine Revelation; Spiritual Theology & Questions; General Questions Read More